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Discover your power places around the world!

Astrocartography is a technique that combines two wonderful things: Astrology and Travel .

I bet you loved it, didn't you? 🤣


In this approach, we overlay your Natal Map on the  Globe, and this will result in 40+ specific lines (one line from each planet at each angle) that will be distributed around the planet.


TIP: If you want to understand more about the technique, I invite you to read my post " What is Astrocartography? "


Astrocartography assumes that in certain places in the world, some planet in your natal chart will occupy a prominent position. Such positions are shown on the astrocartographic chart through several vertical and horizontal lines.


🌎 When moving to any of these planetary lines you will be going to a place where the potential for manifestation of that planet is stronger. When this happens, you have a chance to experience this planetary energy more intensily.


⚠️ It is important to note that it is not enough to generate the astrocartographic chart on and travel.


First of all, it is essential to interpret the Natal Chart (that is, to analyze the positioning of the planets by house, sign, aspects, rules, etc.) and understand how you have been integrating those energies in your life today.


After all, when you go to an astrocartographic line, you will be carrying your birth chart with you. If you don't have a well-integrated planet, depending on where you go, you'll just emphasize the challenges you already have.

But calm down, we can re-signify this by being aware of these aspects and I approach this during our conversation. =)


During the reading, I'll show you the current scenario of your map and guide you to experience the planetary symbolism of your natal chart at the highest frequencies. This way, if you decide to travel or move, you will have the chance to be more present and aware.


The purpose of this reading is to provide a greater connection with your inner world (Natal Chart)
and with your external world (Travel / Civilizations / Portals / Cultures).


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