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Thaís Menezes

How to generate your Astrocartography for free

Astrocartography is a technique that combines Astrology and Traveling. With this techinique created by Jim Lewis, we can understand how each destination affects us. We have the chance to attenuate, accentuate or awaken points on our Natal Map, in addition to activating certain life themes, such as career, relationships, study, family, purpose, etc.

To know a little more about the technique, I invite you to read my other post "What is Astrocartography"

Now that you know what the technique is, did you know that it is possible to generate this map very easy, fast and at no cost on the internet?

Yes! has a module that generates this map!


1 - Acess 2- Click on Free Horoscope > AstroClick Travel 3- Enter your personal data (The platform automatically adjusts daylight saving time) 4 - Ready! You will have your map and will be able to zoom to navigate

Each line has the corresponding angle and planet sign.

Below is a legend of what each symbol mean:

Just drag and zoom to explore the map!

To find out more about the meaning of astrocartographic lines in the Ascendant, Descendant, MC and IC, check out THIS POST >>

On the left side there are some generic interpretations (click on "Show Details"). For a deeper analysis and focused on your reality and based on your Natal Chart, the ideal is to consult an Astrologer specialized in Astrocartography.

Then tell me down here how it was to generate your map on :)

* * *

🌏 Do you want to know more about Astrocartography, the travel astral chart? Check out the post "What is Astrocartography"

🗺️ Do you want to make your Astrocartographic Chart with a specialist? My name is Thaís and I am an Astrologer with international certification in Astrocartography. To know more about my work, CLICK HERE >>


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