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Thaís Menezes

There is any astrocartography line where I am going to travel. Should I go?

There is no line where I'm going to travel! Is it worth going there? Is there something there for me?

Yes, there is! 😅

The fact that there are no astrocartography lines is just a sign that there is no planet in ASC / DSC / MC / FC at that location. Only that. However, there is a full chart to be interpreted!

🗺️ When we look at your map from somewhere in the world, we are analyzing what we call the RELOCATION MAP

The Relocation Chart is the map of the day of your birth according to the geographic coordinates and time zone of the place to be investigated.

💬 For example: We assume that you were born on 9/17/1990 at 8:30 am in São Paulo. If you want to see your map in London, you would have to generate a map from the same date you were born, but with local London time.

Much of your Natal Chart can change when you look at your Relocation Chart:

- Ascendent changes

- Planets change houses (which would denote emphasis on other areas of life)

- A planet that was in a more challenging house can occupy a more fluid house (or the opposite)

- Axes that are intercepted on the Natal Map may no longer be intercepted on the Relocated Map

✨ With the Relocation Chart, we can better understand the impact of that location on your life! And if you are aware of it, you will have the chance to better extract the opportunities there and to be more aware throughout the period.

It is worth mentioning that if the change is very close to where you were born (Ex: Los Angeles > Santa Monica) the Relocatiom Chart will not change much of the design of your Natal Map. Significant changes in the map require greater distances.

🧳 Remember, once again, that wherever you go, your Natal Map goes with you ... that's why it is so important to understand and integrate everything it symbolizes

* * *

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🗺️ Do you want to have an Astrocartography session with a specialist? My name is Thaís and I am an Astrologer certified by Continuum. To know more about my work, CLICK HERE >>


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