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Thaís Menezes

What is Astrocartography?

Did you know that there is a technique that combines Astrology and Traveling? Check out this post to understand how certain places in the world can provide different experiences!

Astrocartography is a technique that combines Astrology and Traveling. From it, we can understand how each destination affects us. We have the chance to attenuate, accentuate or awaken points on our Natal Map, in addition to activating certain life themes, such as career, relationships, study, family, purpose, etc.

The Astrocartographic Map consists of the overlay of your Relocated Chart on the World Map:


The technique assumes that in certain places in the world, a planet of your natal chart will occupy a more prominent position (because it falls into one of the 4 angles of the map).

OK! But what are these angles?

The Natal Chart has 4 main angles that guide the main life experiences:

When a planet falls at any of these angles, it gains more evidence. I can be experienced more directly.

When you move to any of these planetary lines you will be going to a place where the potential for manifestation of that planet is strongest. When this happens, you have the chance to experience this planetary energy in a clearer and more intense way, allowing you to activate certain themes in your life! ✨

With this, it is possible to better understand which regions are more and less favorable for specific objectives, such as relationships, spirituality, expansion, career, business, family, etc.

Astrocartography conceives travel as a powerful tool for transformation and self-knowledge!


🌎 How can astrocartography help me?

  • Understand which destinations you have the greatest potential to integrate certain planetary energies for different purposes, such as relationships, career, purpose, studies, family, business, spirituality, etc.

  • Possibility to attenuate, accentuate or awaken points on your natal chart

  • Activation of life themes

  • Self knowledge

🌎  Astrocartography only applies to those who want to travel or change countries?

  • No. It is possible to experience the planetary symbolism by keeping in touch with people, objects and subjects related to the desired region. When dealing with culture, religion, authors, gastronomy, language, art, music, institutions, products or people there, you will already be activating this line in your life. Do you know that culture you are passionate about and don't know why? Astrocartography can explain :)

🌎 How can I use Astrocartography in my life?

  • Purpose travel planning

  • Planning an exchange

  • Planning a gap year

  • Planning an expatriation

  • Planning honeymoons and / or trips for specific purposes

  • Understanding of travel and past experiences

  • Change of country

  • Better understand the potential for experience in certain places (Relocated Map)

  • Understand what are the astrological transits and progressions that will occur at the destination of your trip (Cyclocartography)

  • Remote activation of the desired energies in your daily life through objects, people and subjects connected to the astrocartographic line

⚠️ Important:

It is very important to understand your natal chart before interpreting the astrocartographic lines. I will explain the reason:

The natal chart will always be with us. We take it with us wherever we go!

It is our primary structure that symbolizes our essence, potential and challenges.

If I have a planet in a very challenging condition on the natal chart and I haven't integrated it well, taking the next plane and going to travel to a line will not solve the issue.

The location will give you the chance to confront this theme because it will be even more evident in your life. However, it is your presence, awareness and self-perception that will make the difference to reframe all those issues. In other words, astrocartography will give you a little push, but you are the only one who will orchestrate the changes.

That is why, during an astrocartographic reading, it is always very important to interpret the natal chart. When I do a service, I try to understand with the client how he has already been integrating this energy in his life and I guide him with ways of experiencing this planetary symbolism in order to benefit him.

🌎 How to generate my Astrocartography chart?

Do you want to learn how to generate the design of your Astrocartographic Map in an easy, fast and free way? Check out my post How to do your Astrocartography , where I explain the complete step by step!

You will see that in the post I indicate a website that generates the drawing with all the astrocartographic lines. The interpretation that the site brings is quite generic, but you can already kill a little curiosity. 😊

If you want a more detailed analysis, I recommend that you seek an Astrologer specialized in Astrocartography. He or she will be able to talk to you about all these points in a profound way and with a look that meets all the nuances and possibilities.

I do this type of reading and I have international certification in Astrocartography. To know more about my work, CLICK HERE >>


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